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    News Reports

    Quality as the life, independent research and development as its own responsibility to continuously accelerate their own brand building

    News Reports
    The leaders of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology visited our company for investigation
    Release Date: 2020.12.30

        On the afternoon of the 30th, Liu Yunming, director of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and Ji Xiaohui, a fourth-level investigator, came to our company to carry out research activities, accompanied by leaders of the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau and the High-tech Zone Economic Development Bureau. The company's executive vice president Xu Henglei and director Zhang Xuan warmly received the investigation team.

        The leaders visited the fine-line workshop and the dust-free workshop successively, learned in detail about the company's current production situation and product research and development, and fully affirmed the company's independent research and development products.