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    News Reports

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    News Reports
    Liao Liangsheng, deputy mayor of Yingtan City, visited Kangcheng Group for investigation
    Release Date: 2020.12.31


         On the morning of December 31, 2020, Yingtan City Government Deputy Mayor Liao Liangsheng, Yingtan City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology first-level investigator Yan Xihuo, Yingtan City Industrial Holding Company Party Secretary and Chairman Wu Dechang visited our company for investigation, Yingtan High-tech Zone Yu Zhanlong, deputy director of the committee, and leaders of related departments accompanied the investigation. The company's chairman Yang Weiliang and executive vice president Xu Henglei warmly received the investigation team.

        Mayor Liao and his entourage visited the ultra-fine wire dust-free workshop to learn more about the company's production and operation status and future development direction. Chairman Yang introduced the development of the company. At the beginning of the year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the sales situation fluctuated, but the latter grew rapidly. New projects have been planned next year, and the factory will be intelligently transformed, which will realize the new industrial development direction of equipment automation, product intelligence, and information digitization.

        Mayor Liao fully affirmed the company's achievements and praised Kangcheng's independent research and development of provincial key new products that have solved the problem of similar products. I hope that in the future development of the company, we will continuously improve product quality, expand the scale of the company, and make due contributions to a strong industrial city!