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    News Reports

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    News Reports
    Chen Min, deputy secretary of the Yingtan Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, and his entourage visited Kangcheng Group for inspection
    Release Date: 2021.01.07

        At the beginning of the new year, Yingtan City Party Committee and Mayor Chen Min, Yingtan City Deputy Mayor Liao Liangsheng and his entourage visited our company for investigation and investigation. Xuan warmly received Mayor Chen and his party.


        During the visit, Mayor Chen learned in detail about the company’s product development, production and sales, and went deep into the workshop to understand the production process of the product. He listened to the company’s production and operation, development strategy and upcoming major innovation projects, and fully affirmed The company's achievements in recent years.

        Mayor Chen fully affirmed the company’s achievements and praised Kangcheng’s self-developed provincial-level key new products for solving the problem of “stuck necks” in similar products. He also expressed his hope that the government and enterprises will be strengthened in the future. Communicate and exchange together to help the development of Yingtan Copper Industry.