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    News Reports

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    News Reports
    Kangcheng company held 6S-year-end inspection
    Release Date: 2021.02.05


     In order to welcome the arrival of the new year with a new look, and also to ensure that the company can have a safe, clean and good environment during the Spring Festival holiday, on the afternoon of February 4th, under the leadership of Vice President Xu, heads of various departments of the company The formed 6S inspection team conducted a 6S year-end inspection within the group.    

        In accordance with the requirements of the “6S” management activities (organization, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, and safety), the inspection team successively reviewed the sanitary environment, item placement and placement of the company’s production workshops, warehouses, canteens, and offices. A comprehensive and detailed inspection was carried out on label management and other aspects.     

        During the inspection process, the inspection team found that the work site environment of each department has become more and more perfect; each workshop and department are also very cooperative with the company's 6S promotion work, but there are still some details that need to be improved and improved by each department. The performance is: 1) The finishing, rectification, and cleaning of the production workshops (ie dead ends) need to be strengthened. 2) The marking line of the item placement area in some areas is not clear, and the marking line needs to be redrawn. 3) The styles of each item's label, warning label, etc. are different, and they must be unified and placed neatly.        After the inspection work is completed, Vice President Xu said: A good working environment, working atmosphere, and orderly placement of items are the most basic prerequisites to ensure normal and orderly work and improve work efficiency. All departments of the company should actively cooperate in doing so. Good year's 6S work, welcome the new year in good condition.