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    News Reports

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    News Reports
    Kangcheng company wishes all employees New Year
    Release Date: 2021.02.10


        The law is rejuvenating,  On the occasion of the Spring Festival approaching, Kangcheng Company would like to extend holiday greetings and sincere blessings to all the hard-working Kang adults, as well as the provincial and municipal departments and leaders who have always cared and supported the development of the company.


        Thousands of sails are exhausted, and the tide rises again. In the past year, under the support of the leaders of the provincial and municipal departments and the leadership of the company leaders, all the employees of Kangcheng have achieved good economic benefits and social benefits with full spirit, passionate work attitude, and solid work style. Benefit, this is the hard work of every Kangcheng adult, and it is the pride of every Kangcheng employee! Here, the leaders of the company express their heartfelt thanks to each employee for their hard work in their respective positions over the past year and the dedication shown in their work!


        The new year, new hope, new journey, carrying new dreams, 2021 is a crucial year for us to unite and be of one heart, and Huafan’s voyage. All employees should follow the company’s leadership arrangements and deployment to face difficulties And above, forge ahead, unite and cooperate, and boldly innovate to ensure the successful completion of the company's various goals and tasks throughout the year.