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    News Reports

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    News Reports
    The leaders of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology visited our company to conduct research
    Release Date: 2021.03.10


     On the morning of March 10, Deputy Director Yang Qi of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology came to the High-tech Zone to investigate the talent needs of enterprises. Director Zhang, who is in charge of administrative personnel of the company, warmly welcomed Director Yang and his party.

       Director Yang and his entourage made a detailed understanding of the company’s current talent requirements and said that relevant municipal departments will provide strong support in the company’s talent recruitment. At the same time, the research team visited the copper and silver rod production workshop and the fine-line workshop to learn more about it. Based on the company's current production and R&D situation, it fully affirmed the company's independent research and development to solve the domestic "stuck neck" technology.