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    News Reports
    "Rope" flying, hot open "pull" -- Kangcheng company in 2021 the first spring tug of war competition ended perfectly
    Release Date: 2021.03.24

        The spring breeze brings warmth and the sun is bright. In order to further enrich the staff's spare time cultural life, relieve the work pressure, strengthen the body, cultivate the staff's spirit of unity and cooperation, and enhance the cohesion and centrifaction force of all departments, Kangcheng Company held the "First Spring Tug of War Competition of 2021" on March 23.

        The players tried their best to fight. Everyone came back and forth. It was a very intense scene. In the side of the cheerleaders also spared no effort to cheer for the players.

        After 8 times of fierce competition, the second part of the production of de-plating group, the first part of the production of the first, the second part of the production of stranded wire group won the first three.

        This tug of war competition fully carried forward the "friendship first, competition second" competitive style, showed a good team spirit. The competition was carried out smoothly in a fair, competitive, cooperative and orderly atmosphere, which not only showed enthusiasm, but also showed friendship.