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    News Reports

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    News Reports
    Warmly congratulate our company on the two integration of management system standard launch conference held smoothly
    Release Date: 2021.04.13

       On April 13, under the auspices of Zhang Xuan, the company's director of administration and human resources and chief information officer, the "Kangcheng company's two integration management system standardization launch conference" was successfully held. Yingtan City Bureau of Industry and Information He director, Lu section chief and Nanchang thinking business management planning limited company consulting team members to attend this meeting; Executive Vice President Xu Henglei, Vice President Luo Haifeng, and the heads of various departments attended the launch conference.

        At the meeting, Deputy General Manager Luo first introduced the overall situation of the company, two integration process and the current situation. He said: Kangcheng Company will firmly establish the strategic consciousness of informatization leading industrialization, and take the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization as the main strategy of enterprise transformation and upgrading, innovation and development. The integration of the two industries has become an important symbol of the company's core competitiveness and a driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises.

        Think of the consulting company two integration of the mark working group leader Xiong Minghui introduced the company mark planning and related processes; Liu Jun, deputy manager of the quality assurance department of Kangcheng Company, spoke on behalf of all the employees. He said that all the employees of the company would firmly establish and implement the integrated management mechanism of informatization and industrialization in accordance with the requirements of the national standard GB23001-2017.

        Zhang Xuan, the chief information officer of the company, announced the establishment of the two integration management system management system standard leading group and working group documents.

        Finally, the executive vice president of the company Xu Henglei to make an important summary of the launch of the meeting and announced the two integration of the official launch of the work.