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    News Reports

    Quality as the life, independent research and development as its own responsibility to continuously accelerate their own brand building

    News Reports
    Provincial Party Committee inspection team to visit our inspection guide work
    Release Date: 2021.05.24

        In the afternoon of May 24, by the provincial ministry hall party member, deputy director-general of the XinQingHua, the province's hall, deputy director of the economic operation place Yang Lin, provincial party committee general office of chief inspector 2 place 2 clerk sheng-qiang hu, the province's hall section head Jiang Jiaming informatization advance in level, the province's hall division level section head of wei-hsin huang inspectorate visit our work further. Gao Hua, Director of the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Yu Zhanlong, Member of the Party Working Committee of the High-tech Zone and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the High-tech Zone, Xiao Lin, Member of the Party Working Committee of the High-tech Zone and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the High-tech Zone, and Xu Zhenyu, Director of the Science and Technology and Economic Development Bureau of the High-tech Zone accompanied the investigation. Executive Vice President Xu Henglei, Deputy General Manager Luo Haifeng warmly received the inspection team.

        Inspection on Xu Henglei, executive vice President and deputy general manager sashi accompanied by field visit to the company's workshop and purification workshop, thin lines to xin xu, deputy director of the company independent research and development are introduced in detail in the "super fine line with silver alloy of high tension and high conductive copper conductor" and "micro alloying with high strength and high conductivity copper tin alloy wire" processing production technology and performance characteristics of products, Xin deputy director of this product broke through foreign technology blockade, solved technology of congener product by "jam neck" difficult problem praise uncessingly.   

        After visiting the workshop, the inspection team confirmed the development of Kangcheng in recent years and a detailed understanding of the company's future production and construction planning, Xin Deputy Director said: Kangcheng in the enterprise planning and independent research and development this has made outstanding achievements, should make persistent efforts to strive for a new high.